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About us

Immersion was set up in October 2010 with the one aim in mind - to clear all content in World of Warcraft. We made our raiding debut as a 10 man guild in Cataclysm where we smashed through each tier with better and better rankings. Because of our success as a 10 man the guild took the decision to move up into a 25 man group for Mists of Pandaria.
However, the situation on our realm at the time (Bladefist) meant that we couldn't keep up the levels of recruitment needed to sustain the roster, and so regrettably the guild went on a break during WoD. Now we're back for Legion with the raiding core still intact and we're looking forward to raid again!

Vision and Goals

By raiding two times a week, we do spend less time progressing than most hardcore guilds, but it is our goal to clear mythic content, through perseverance and quality. Over the course of Tier 19, our main goal is to build and maintain a strong and solid roster for the future.
This will be the foundation for all proceeding tiers and future expansions. That said, we will (like always) do our utmost best on the first Tier of Legion, regardless.
We will aim for higher ranks every single tier there on, within our time commitment. One of Immersion's strongest points is our community and atmosphere during raids. It is important to us as a guild to maintain a friendly and fun environment, while having good quality raids. Team spirit, in our opinion is an important asset for making that successful raiding team that step higher. All our members value our community and group effort, and place the needs of the team over the needs of the individual.

Raid information

We always raid from 19:15 to 23:00 server time, with short breaks when the Raid Leader sees fit. Invites begin at 19:15, make sure you are online by then so we are in raiding at 19:30.

We raid on the following days:

  • Thursday
  • Monday
All these days are mandatory raiding days. Members with an attendance lower then 80% over 2 months in a row will be replaced. Exceptions may be made depending on reasoning.

Loot System

Loot will be distributed by the personal loot system.

Trial Period

  • During your trial period, we will evaluate you on your performance, class knowledge, spatial awareness and general behavior.
  • There is no set time period after which you will be promoted. We will judge everyone individually and promote when the time is right.
  • While we do base raid spots on performance, we will give under performing members a chance to improve themselves.

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