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Heroic Lord Rhyolith
07/20/2011 23:05 by Urp.

Another realm first for Immersion with heroic Lord Rhyolith. Let's continue this ^^


None yet.

Heroic Beth'tilac down
07/18/2011 01:00 by Urp.

What an annoying spider! Evading minions and a very exciting last phase.
After calling "Last try" for 3 times we killed her on the real last try.

Looking forward to the movie to hear Diripio making strange sounds.

Ps. World 82nd 10 man kill, quite a feat for a fairly new guild in my opinion :) Good job!


not 82, we are 86. still awesome tho :DAftertoucher at 07/18/2011 01:47
Realm first Ragnaros!
07/03/2011 20:09 by Urp.

So, we finished normal Firelands today with 14 whipes on Ragnaros.
Very successful week!

A shout-out to our 2 stand-in healers that played their alt or offspec and the people standing by and waiting with patience.
Special thanks to Charybdisc for logging his alt to help us out healing!

Video incoming


Gz guys! amazing accomplishment:) what rank worldwide did you get?Sjizz at 07/03/2011 20:27
519 :)Aftertoucher at 07/03/2011 21:35
Firelands Progress
06/29/2011 23:16 by Urp.

Started normal modes today with an alt and offspec healer but managed to get the following bosses down:


On the second night we killed:

Lord Rhyolith
Majordomo (1 shot, what is wrong with that dude)

Ragnaros is a lot of fun!

Good job so far and let's continue the same way the entire content!


None yet.

Heroic Nefarian down.
06/19/2011 22:21 by Urp.

Today we killed Nefarian heroic after 2 nights of progress. After a change of tactic we killed him on the 3rd try, with a 200K whipe before that. Always fun to shake a bit!

Video incoming, and the screenshot as well.



and i missed itDiripio at 06/20/2011 02:15

Because you had to have sex with cars, nerd.

Urp at 06/20/2011 10:05
http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/5103/bwd10hnefarian.png screenie!Aftertoucher at 06/20/2011 17:33
I love how we can see Waferz body the entire third phase c:Xanoc at 06/21/2011 01:05

-Urp "Waferz break free"
"Waferz dies."

Nice call urp.

Waferz at 06/21/2011 08:48

I thought you were in it for much longer :<

Urp at 06/21/2011 10:58
Even if he was, what would it have mattered? He's smart enough to break it before the portal!Qrx at 06/21/2011 14:24
He cant be healed while in MC'ed, so if he reached the portal like 1 second before the crackled he was dead as well.Urp at 06/21/2011 15:43
Yeah but if you look at my actual position when you said that you can see I'm still pretty far away, had plenty of time tbh.Waferz at 06/22/2011 13:50
Jesus, cry more because I made a mistake.Urp at 06/22/2011 15:12
*crycrycry*Xanoc at 06/23/2011 15:43
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